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1940. "Le Coq". Joan Miro


Spain is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is not only economically developed country with rich history and culture, but also a prestigious resort with a mild climate and beautiful nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that real estate in Spain are very popular.

The company Lusa Realty S.L. It offers to purchase a property in Spain on the Mediterranean coast, and our qualified staff will be happy to be your guide on this amazing new world. Our company, since 1998 and every day, in order to improve the quality of our work, opens new opportunities, conducts continuous improvement of services, and acquires valuable experience for successful activity in our sector.

Our international and multilingual team understands the complexities of the Spanish real estate markets and the global context surrounding foreign investment and property purchase. Our goal is to provide our clients a professional and highest quality service.

We are constantly monitoring the market situation in Spain  and share with you the most important news, offering the best houses, apartments, villas and commercial properties in Barcelona and its surroundings as Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa Maresme and Costa Garraf!

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‘‘Many years of experience in real estate market allows me to understand properly and clearly the specific needs of our customers. And the creation of an active and dedicated team – this is also part of my daily work’’
‘‘Keep exploring my professional activity and setting new goals to achieve’’
‘‘Great experience in the real estate from the late 90th allows me to lead and coordinate the process of buying and selling to our clients in Catalonia. With full responsibility and confidentiality’’
‘‘My mission is to look forward the interests of the client, generating confidence and results’’
‘‘My main tasks in the company are administration and the social network marketing. I need to be sure that everything is done properly and in order’’
‘‘The house of your dreams exists! If you are able to imagine it, describe it to me and for sure I will find it for you’’
‘‘The perfection consists in little things! This is my personal motto as translator and content manager. Dealing with several foreign languages implies a special attention to details and passion for learning new things every day’’

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